Saturday, February 4, 2012

May Peace Be Upon Him

Human kind was trapped in a corridor of darkness, a corridor that extended far beyond one’s sight. There was no hope in this corridor, you see, until that one day came. You know how you suddenly have the urge to shoot yourself in the head when everything goes wrong? Have you noticed how this act happens more outside the Muslim world rather than in it? How we, and I’m mot generalizing, have a voice in the back of our heads that permits us from falling into the trap of evil? We owe that to Allah, Islam, and one man.

This day, 1441 years ago, marks the birth of the greatest man alive. Everyday, we follow in his footsteps, because we know he’s leading us to the road of righteousness and goodness. He is our prophet Muhammed, Peace Be Upon His Soul.

A week ago I was sitting with my friends and we were wondering whether or not our school’s going to give us a day off on Saturday, since it marks the birth of our prophet. As we moaned and mumbled after realizing we won’t have a day off, I suddenly felt guilty. First of all, this is a day that’s worth of recognition, and not a break from school. I looked forward to Saturday, knowing that I’ll even more proud that I’m a Muslim. I always will be proud so long that I’m breathing and still am alive, but I was looking forward to this day to show the world just how amazing our Prophet is. On Thursday, our school had a simple celebration and tribute to our prophet, and I was sitting next to my best friend who is not a muslim. We exchanged information about both our religions, and our conversation was simply beautiful. I told her about how Muhammad PBUH was kind to women and children, how he was respectful to others. For a few seconds, I felt the world come in peace. She told me how she felt goose bumps when she heard a girl reciting a tribute to our prophet, and I just wished the world would adapt our beautiful understanding on a bigger scale.

So Saturday came, and I felt joyous as everyone on BBM, Blackberry, and even Facebook showed their gratitude and appreciation towards our Prophet.
Muhammed, PBUH, has saved us. He has taken us to a whole new level, and I for one am very blessed to walk this Earth knowing that I am a Muslim.

Why is it that we live in a judgmental world? When you judge someone, all you’re seeing is the exterior of this person. What gives us the right to predict a person’s end? What gives us the right to know whether or not our religion is frowning upon the acts of another person? When you judge a person and express hate, what is it that you’re gaining? In 5 minutes, will this person that you’ve judged have any significance in your life? There’s a thin line between fighting what is wrong and expressing a loud and unnecessary opinion. Don’t talk for the sake of being heard, and don’t speak when your words are empty. Don’t rain on someone’s parade and don’t put out any spark. Have pure intentions, look for who you really are as a person, and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. We're respecting Christians and acknowledging their holidays, and you label us as non-believers. We celebrate our own selves, and we're still bad. With all the hate you're showing, you're doing the EXACT opposite of what our prophet would expect of us. Ironic isn't it?

Our lives aren’t perfect, but our religion is. We are not perfect, but our prophet is.
Islam is a lighted corridor, so don't be the person responsible for blowing out the candles.


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